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Canada supports Israel’s right to self-defense

Despite the long-term trade relationship between Israel and Canada the real warming didn’t occurred until 2006 when the Canadian government changed and Stephen Harper became Prime Minister. This was the peak moment of bilateral and diplomatic relationships. Canada stopped funding UNRWA, the agency which helps Palestinian refugees, and reallocated it to Fayyad’s security project. The new priority in foreign policy of Canadian government was  to ensure and maintain the security in Israel. At the beginning of 2009, Canada assisted the Israel in the war against rebels in Kandahar by sending their drones. During United Nation General Assembly in November the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu thanked especially Canada for its support to Israel and its right of self-defense. All this had a result in trade relationship between Canada
and Israel. It has increased by 86 percent since 2004, and tripled since 1996 when Canada and Israel signed a bilateral free trade agreement. In the near future to encourage Canadian companies to cooperate with the Israeli companies the Government of Israel will introduce subsidies for such projects. This is just the beginning because Israel is currently in developing stage and opportunities for cooperation are huge. Canadian companies which would like to enter the Israeli market, but do not know how to do it, can ask for help in organizations, specially created for this purpose.

Canada supports Israel