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Canada breaks with Iran, Israel enjoys

Israeli President Shimon Peres thanked Canada for the suspension of diplomatic relations with Iran. “I hope that other countries will follow the footsteps of Canada, the model of morality” – said Peres.
“Canada has once again proven that morality is more important than pragmatism” – said Peres. Israeli president also wrote that it is not acceptable for one member of the United Nations (Iran) threatened to destroy the other (Israel). “This is completely contrary to the Charter of the United Nations” – he stressed. Peres warn Iran against nuclear armament. “The combination of hegemonic aspirations, political madness and nuclear weapons threat to the whole world that needs to oppose this” – Shimon Peres said.
On 7th September Canada closed its embassy in Iran and announced that it released from its territory within five days all Iranian diplomats. Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird described the authorities in Tehran as “the biggest threat to the security of the world”.
Iranian leaders have repeatedly called for “wiping Israel off the map”. Israeli authorities believe that Iran is having nuclear weapons which is a threat to the existence of a Jewish state and has threatened of prevention attack. Tehran denies that is in possession of nuclear weapons or working on its development.

Canada breaks with Iran