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The Unions criticizes Israel – Government intervenes

The Canadian government has called Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to publicly apologize for putting the union bulletin about the criminal activities of the Israeli regime. According to the government, the relationship should not use the newsletter to “attacks on Israel.”

In the March bulletin released information about Canada’s involvement on the side of Israel, identified as a key role in Israel’s war crimes. The case was described by the Toronto Sun newspaper.

“Canada can and allows Israel to terrorize the people in the occupied territories in violation of international law, demolition of houses, building walls and checkpoints in the prison-style theft of natural resources and the occupied people,” – says union newsletter.

Topic in general and text published in the newsletter was criticized by Steven Fletcher the government minister responsible for postal services. He said that the union should apologize for using a newsletter to spread anti-Israeli rhetoric. Also accused of using of federal money for political activities, despite last year Unions has refused to fund union activists out of their Palestinian supporting conference in Brazil.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is well known for its activities in terms of the issues not directly related to labor matters, not surprisingly taking other issues in the union newsletter.

CUPW publicly apologize