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Why Canadians like Israelites?

Canada’s relationship with Israel began in 1947. Canada strongly supported Israel in the pursuit of peace and helped to stabilize relationships with Israel’s neighbors. In 2009 Canada and Israel celebrated the 60th anniversary of the official signing of the common peace relationship decree between these countries. Moreover, this strong relationship is also due to the fact that in Israel lives 20,000 Canadians and the Jewish minority in Canada is approximately 350,000 Israelites. So large emigration creates a bridge between these two countries which results in significant cooperation between in business, philanthropy, and tourism. Canada and Israel have an active program of professional and academic exchanges, with many Canadian artists visiting Israel. A cultural and education Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 1999. Frequent visits of ministers of both countries are not uncommon. They resulted in a number of bilateral agreements in place, including one on Film and Videotape Production and on Mutual Legal Assistance. Both countries jointly carry out research on the development of innovative technologies. There are also a number of sub-national agreements between Israel and certain provinces, including Manitoba and Ontario.

Canadians like Israelites