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The Unions criticizes Israel – Government intervenes

The Canadian government has called Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to publicly apologize for putting the union bulletin about the criminal activities of the Israeli regime. According to the government, the relationship should not use the newsletter to “attacks on Israel.” In the March bulletin released information about Canada’s involvement on the side of Israel, […]

Canada breaks with Iran, Israel enjoys

Israeli President Shimon Peres thanked Canada for the suspension of diplomatic relations with Iran. “I hope that other countries will follow the footsteps of Canada, the model of morality” – said Peres. “Canada has once again proven that morality is more important than pragmatism” – said Peres. Israeli president also wrote that it is not […]

Jews in Montréal

Jewish Association in Montreal may find its roots since 1759, when the first Jewish settlers arrived in Canada. As a result of socio-economic conditions existing in Russia in the second mid-1800s many Jewish immigrants fled to Canada seeking for asylum and better life for families, most of them chose Canadian city called Montreal. These immigrants […]

Why Canadians like Israelites?

Canada’s relationship with Israel began in 1947. Canada strongly supported Israel in the pursuit of peace and helped to stabilize relationships with Israel’s neighbors. In 2009 Canada and Israel celebrated the 60th anniversary of the official signing of the common peace relationship decree between these countries. Moreover, this strong relationship is also due to the fact that in Israel lives […]

Israel wants renewable energy

Trade relationship between Canada and Israel has already more than 60 years of tradition. It is estimated that current bilateral exchange of goods between these countries has tripled and reached a value of over $ 1.8 billion in 2008. Significant role in such a spectacular result has free trade agreement which was signed in 1997. Since then, opportunities for Canadian companies have […]

Canada supports Israel’s right to self-defense

Despite the long-term trade relationship between Israel and Canada the real warming didn’t occurred until 2006 when the Canadian government changed and Stephen Harper became Prime Minister. This was the peak moment of bilateral and diplomatic relationships. Canada stopped funding UNRWA, the agency which helps Palestinian refugees, and reallocated it to Fayyad’s security project. The new priority in foreign policy […]